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Easy-to-use functions for downloading air quality data from the Mexican National Air Quality Information System (SINAICA). With this R package you can download pollution and meteorological parametrs from the more than a hundred monitoring stations located throughout Mexico.


Analysis of the UNAM's admission exam

Blog post

Statistical analysis and visualization of the drug war in Mexico

Lots of charts and information on the Mexican Drug War

Errors in the Mexican mortality database

The Acteal Massacre is recorded as an accident in the Mexican mortality database blog post

Age-Period-Cohort models and the decline of violence in Mexico

Each generation of Mexicans was becoming less and less violent until the drug war happened blog post

Poll of polls

Interactive polls of polls of the 2012 Mexican presidential election made with d3, R and JAGS link

Divorce probabilities in Mexico

How did express divorce affect Mexico? What percentage of marriage en in divorce by cohort? blog post

Capture of 'El Mochomo'

The capture of ‘El Mochomo’ and homicides in Jalisco blog post

The expiration of the Assault Weapon Ban and its effect on Mexico

The expiration of the Federal Assault Weapon Ban coincided with an attempt by the Sinaloa Cartel to take over the drug trafficking routes of Nuevo Laredo blog post

Mexico's Drug War: 63,000 extra deaths in 6 years

There were about 63,000 excess deaths from December 2006 to December 2012 blog post

'Extra' firearm accidents in Sinaloa

The state of Sinaloa had a lot of firearm accidents during the period drug war-related deaths exceeded total homicides blog post


Shapefiles of Mexico

For the latest verions be sure to visit the blog

Homicides and drug war homicides in one big file (this is the data used for the interactive map)

All homicides recorded by the Mexican vital statistics system between 1990 and 2010, by sex of the victim at the municipality level. This file includes population data (Note that the population is from the 2010 Census and not the updated CONAPO estimates below) (Source and Notes)

All homicides recorded by the Mexican vital statistics system between 1990 and 2010, by age group and sex of the victim at the municipality level (Source and Notes)

Drug war-related homicides Dec 2006 - Sep 2011 (adjusted to match the list of Mexican municipalities below)

List of municipality names, FIPS codes (id), metropolitan areas, longitude and latitude of their main localities, and the "as the crow flies" distance to the US border

Crimes reported by law enforcement (including homicides) at the state and national level. Constantly updated.

Mexican population estimates 1990-2030 by age group and sex at the state level, and 2010-2030 by sex at the municipality level. Updated to include the latest CONAPO projections (Source and Notes)

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